Business Directory Listings are a Valuable SEO Methodology

07/11/2011 by Jack Kerozi

Word of mouth in internet speak has been taking on new forms of expression. As social media erupt in the first decade of 2000 we've seen more and more temporary patterning where search engine algorithms are updating content with a slight edge for new content, only immediately to push it back down in the results.

To ensure your content is perceived as lasting you need good business directory listings coupled with impressive on page seo.

Make sure your title tag, the most important of all your content, not only expresses what you think people would want say in describing your suite of products, but what they actually verbalize when typing a search. You can check out google analytics and a range of keyword search tools for this information.

These key methodologies will ensure your content is viewed in the best light and that it is friendly, streamlined and well represented for search algorithm success!