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Modd Events

Modd Events company has an international work style and huge experience in team building, corporate, cultural and sports events organization, as well as in wedding planning and organization of individual occasions.

Getting to know Annie Aslanian

A little about Annie Aslanian

Do I Really Need A Personal Wedding Website?

Many engaged couples are asking themselves this question as a very popular trend snowballs through the wedding industry.

How To Survive The First Dance

Admit it: you are just a little worried about the first dance. Between the two of you you’ve got four left feet.

Planning That Perfect Honeymoon

With all the planning for the ceremony and reception, the honeymoon can sometimes get neglected. Don't let that happen to you and your hard-earned money. Here's some advice to make the honeymoon as special as the wedding.

A Wedding Shower Checklist

Bridal showers are one of many pre-wedding parties and are great fun. They are known as parties with a purpose. The purpose of a shower is to assist the couple in equipping their new home or for the bride to assemble a trousseau.

The Six P's To Planning A Perfect Wedding

Is your head spinning? If you're planning a wedding, it probably is. Many brides find themselves overwhelmed by all the details, especially in the early stages of preparation.

The History Of Weddings

Precisely where and when the first wedding was held will never be known, but it was an important turning point in human society. The tribes of prehistory were nomadic in nature, grouping together for protection against predators like saber-toothed cats, w

A Dream Wedding Gown

Is there a bride who doesn't look beautiful? Probably not, for love, and her special day give her a glow that makes her look lovely

Preparing Your Guest List

In decades past, when a couple got married, the whole community came out to celebrate in the town square, bearing gifts for the happy sixteen year olds.