Get paid to use your phone with Feature Points

on 11/12/2014 - 08:10 pm

Smartphones have become incredibly popular today, with thousands of apps available for you, whether you use an android phone or iPhone, covering every type of interest or task you may want to do. However there is a new app put there that is a little different, it is available for both iOS and Android, and it switches the idea of in app payments, where you pay for features, and turns it 180 degrees, so the app pays you for using it!




I’m sure that has your attention, but also put many questions in your head too, so first let us run through what it is and how it works. First off the app is designed to pay you to install and use other apps. What it does is recommend apps to you, and by installing and using them, you gain points, which can be turned into deposits to your PayPal account or even iTunes/Google play vouchers and so on. All the apps offered through Featurepoints are free, so you have no outlay, and the money comes from the app developers who pay for their apps to be promoted through the system.


The system ensures that you actually download and use the app before you get the reward, there is a minimum time for app to be active, usually a few minutes. It really is a no lose system for everyone, developers get eyeballs on their apps and we get a reward for trying it. Many of them are very good as well, and not things you will be instantly deleting once you have the reward.

feature points app  - make money using your phone


The other aspect of the Featurepoints program is the referral system. You can pass your link or referrer code to friends and family, and if they install Featurepoints, when they earn points from trying out apps, you get a bonus of half as many points as they earned. Not just once either, but every time they earn, you get half that value as a bonus! Now, you never have to touch the referral side to have fun and make some money of course, many are shy about such things, but as soon as you see how well it works, you really will want to tell your friends, so make sure they use your referral code, its free extra money for you!

make money using your phone


Normally in such a project there would be some hidden downside, and perhaps if you are reading this you are waiting for it. Guess what, it isn’t coming! Its free to download the app, its free to download the recommended apps to try, and you get a reward for doing it. It’s a promotion company that pays you to be promoted to, and for trying out some apps, many of which you will love, you get a reward. That’s it. So what are you waiting for get started using the this link to automatically get free bonus points ! or simply use the following referral code XQPKAA when joining the program !



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