on 10/28/2010 - 07:18 pm

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Why Should I go to American Wedding Center ?

Hi everyone let me first introduce myself. My name is Arbi, the owner of Arbi Design and Ashkhadank Directory. My wife (Elena) and I got married on June.25.2010 and we had such an amazing experience by letting American Wedding Center be our only choice for most of our wedding needs.










One stop for all your wedding needs


Whatever that you would ever need for your wedding is provided in American Wedding Center



Friendly people


As soon as you walk in you will realize how friendly they are


Save money


You can save more money by letting American Wedding Center be your choice


Their work is professional


Let them do the job and you will see how professional they are




So where is the location and how can I contact them



407 W.Chevy Chase Dr. Glendale CA 91204
1.877.WED.FOR.U ( 1.877.933.3678)


 Here are some amazing photos taken by Saros Studio and beautiful flowers designed by Anoush







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